Friday, August 02, 2013

Just More Liberal Bullshit

Yeah....Seattle is so sensitive they're banning "Brown Bag" and "Citizen" (see previous post)...

....because we're all so civilized and caring and sharing and .... oh wait ....

Mr. Super Duper Lefty Liberal Racist Charlie Rangel hasn't got the memo, I guess...check out what he's saying, while idiot white people are avoiding using "brown bag" because it might hurt some idiot black people's feelings...

So...let's see:

"White Crackers": Perfectly acceptable usage by by everyone including black Congressmen.

"Niggers": A crime against humanity when spoken by anyone to whom it does not apply.

This just smells bad. Like all other Liberal Racist "logic".

Can we just stipulate that like the "n" word,  only crackers can say the "c" word?

Seems only fair.


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