Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally....the Answer!

"There is a way, you know, to learn which came first: the chicken or the egg. Just go to your nearest restaurant, sit down, and order chicken and an egg -- and see which comes first." 

—"LuciferDye", commentor a The American Spectator


  1. The egg came first. Egg laying creatures came a million years before the chickens evolved from them.

  2. Well, I think "chicken" is a stand in for any creature who lays eggs.

    So the question really is, "What came first, the egg or the egg layer?"

    But your answer WAS a clever one!!

  3. Okay, I'll play along.
    Some ancient amphibian became more a land dweller than water dweller.
    It developed mineralization in its eggs shells so they would not dry out on land.
    In water like frog and fish eggs, they only needed membranes they could not dry out in water.
    But on land the egg needed something to protect its moisture. The shell was probably the simplest solution. It worked so well that even the first mammals used eggs. The duck billed platypus being the only remaining example.
    Steggy in Fla.