Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Who's Who

Can we please all acknowledge that John McCain is no Republican?

Can we please all acknowledge that Fat Christie is no Republican?

No. Wait...

You know what? That's wrong. Forget I said it. I think this is the real story:

They are Republicans through and through, and we need to completely reject their party as nothing more than Democrat Lite. Just another Big Government Party fucking the rest of us while pretending to fight for what so many of us believe passionately in. And lying to us, cheating us, stealing from us, betraying us, and surrendering every principle they ever pretended to honor.

I don't think the Republican party has a split personality. I think it is just one half of the Government Party that has taken over D.C.

I think that the few Cruz's and Paul's that exist in it are outliers and strangers in a strange land. Struggling against the overwhelming tide of corruption, filth, lies, greed, and naked power hunger.

We need a third party.

Sure we won't win. But if the Republicans win....we don't anyway, so what's the difference? It's not like they represent what we believe in. It's not like they don't tax and spend. It's not like they hold the Constitution sacred...or hold the government to its limitations. It's not like they protect the border, or shrink government, or cut spending, or slash bureaucracies, or honor our veterans, or guarantee our freedom, or speak the truth, or defy the devil.

We need a third party for our souls to remain uncorrupted. We need a third party to keep our hands clean. We need a third party for our honor and our principles. We need a third party for our consciences. We need a third party so we don't find ourselves in association with or supporting degenerates, blackguards and villains.

We need a third party to keep us human.


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