Friday, February 22, 2013

Surely NOT in America!

I told you, man, this is the Darkness of Mordor.

Check this out. It just DOES. NOT. STOP.

Veterans (VETERANS!!!!!) are receiving letters (according to this source) from the government, telling them they are not allowed to buy or own guns.


When is the revolution, again??

Got the story from Gateway Pundit

Here are images of the letter.

Relevant passage is at the top of Page 2. Please note, if the vet does not agree to all of this, he has to PROVE he's not nuts to the satisfaction of "the government"...some nameless, faceless, inbred, government, bureaucrat apparatchik, no doubt...who holds the entire future of American Warriors in his grubby little power-mad claws.

I'm gonna be sick.

Pass this along. EVERYBODY needs to know this is happening.

When, exactly, will ENOUGH be ENOUGH??

The Gunslinger

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