Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kill Leviathan

There is only one simple* thing we need to do to fix everything:

Reduce the size and power of government.


All, and I do mean ALL, the other stuff will automatically correct itself if we just reduce the size and power of government.

Whether it's Leviathan going for your money, your property, your schools, your food, your light bulbs, your car, your fireplace, your business, your almond orchards, your cattle grazing fields, your wetlands, your kids, your gold, or your guns...

...if we cut it down to its proper size and power...ALL OF THAT STUFF STOPS.

Because they won't have the personnel to do it, the power to do it, the money to do it.

Government won't be corrupted by money if it's not worth buying. And it won't be worth buying if it doesn't have much power.

Government won't intrude into your life if it doesn't have much power.

Government won't attract power-mad criminal whores—like it does today—if government doesn't have any power, and therefore doesn't attract money from special interests because it's too small and powerless to be any good to them.

See how this works?

Simple, not easy.


For more on the same subject, see this comment by CA Stake at gateway pundit:

Read the Death of Outrage by Bill Bennett.

Then next, realize that we were never meant to have career politicians becsause our founding fathers realized that a career in politics will without exception lead to the insulation and the power of our laws, our money and our freedom, which then leads to megalomania.

Public SERVICE was to be a short term SACRIFICE, done by PRIVATE citizens, who contribute to the economy and security and education and understand the reality of it. SHORT TERM.

That is the reason we cannot agree on term limits. There is no such thing as any rational guide for a career in politics. Power kills the service aspect and the insulation among others like minded, corrupts all those around.

D.C. is a festering pit of filth and we are run by it.


  1. Don't worry. The government will self-correct itself to the appropriate size. A few years after they totally devalue the dollar.

  2. Despite all the dislocation, it might be worth the price...if we get a small, weak government out of the deal!

  3. Whenever I look I Obama's America, I just can't help thinking about Gorbachev's Soviet Union.