Wednesday, January 09, 2013

You're here to take my guns? Really?

As Dean Garrison asks:

"Are you willing to DIE to take my guns?"

This is the question we need to be asking gun-banners out loud. A lot.

The Gun Control crowd operates on the assumption that Armed American Citizens will will willingly and peacefully surrender their arms to state goons because of an unconstitutional dictat by out-of-control bureaucrats.

They need to realize that they would be setting up an ongoing series of violent confrontations.

They need to realize that many state goons sent to disarm patriotic armed Americans are going to die in the attempt.

They need to realize that they are putting revolution/civil war in motion.

They need to realize that when they/their agents shed first blood...all bets are off.

I'm pretty sure they don't get that.

They are so used to getting their way they cannot imagine a scenario in which the peasants stand up and say, "NO!"

Let's all try, one more time, to make them see what a BAD idea it is to try to ban/confiscate our guns.

And then, let's get ready for the, unfortunately, inevitable fight.


1 comment:

  1. I believe once they murder the first american family just for owning a gun legally, then the entire nation will become a battlefield. their will be no place for them to run and hide, they will be burned alive in their buildings of safety. and a word to the air force, just one jet or helicpoter flying over american streets and you drop bombs on our citizens, all bets will be off for you to, you will hung for treason with no jury nor trial, just shot on site. be careful what you wish for it will come true, just one gun confiscation and murder from you pervert demons, it will be wise to get on a freighter and leave the u.S.