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Town Outlaws Guns Makes Gun Owners Outlaws

Dean Garrison is asking us to broadcast this outrage. Check it out. I've reblogged it below...but here's the link.

The Gunslinger

A Plea for Help from Fellow American Patriot

The following was sent to me by my friend Bob Ferguson. I told him I would help him by posting this on the D.C. Clothesline. These are Bob’s words and his plea to those who believe in rights protected by our constitution. Please help him by spreading the word. Our rights are not negotiable, they are protected by God and by our constitution. -Dean Garrison

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I am a resident in the Town of Weston, Connecticut, home to just over 10,000 residents.

Weston is an affluent, quiet little town about an hour commute from NYC.  Median home prices are well in excess of $1,000,000.  Violent crime in the town has been virtually zero for decades.

The Town Board of Selectmen have put forth a ban on the ownership or possession of EVERY type of firearm imaginable including “Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Weapons, fully Automatic Weapons, Pistols, Handguns, Revolvers, Long Bows, Cross Bows, Airguns and Slingshots.”  The proposal was revealed at a Town meeting last week and is up for discussion and a vote by the Board in the coming weeks.  This proposal was reported by National Public Radio earlier today, although many of the details were left out.

I have included a draft of the proposed Firearms ordinance as drafted by the Board of Selectmen.

This proposal is an absolute ban on ownership or possession of “Assault weapons, Automatic Weapons and detachable magazines capable of storing more than 10 rounds.”  All other firearm ownership and possession is banned unless the resident registers EACH firearm with the Chief of Police and receives a special permit at the sole discretion of the Chief.  This is for ALL EXISTING FIREARMS, even if they are already legally owned.

When I spoke with 1st Selectmen, Gail Weinstein this week, she stated that the purpose of the proposed ban was “not only to protect our schools” but that the police “need to know of every firearm out there in case they have to respond to a call at the residence for their own protection.”  This effectively turns ALL law abiding gun owners into a separate class of citizens, to be watched and apparently treated differently from other Town residents.  This type of registration would be akin to  requiring all law abiding Muslims to be registered with the Chief of Police just in case one turned out to be an Islamic terrorist, purportedly for the protection of Town residents and the police.

I’ve discussed the proposed ordinance with several attorneys that all claim it is in violation of Connecticut State and Federal law as well as in conflict with both CT and U.S. Constitutions.

Please help make this sham of local legislative overreach known to the general public.

You may contact me with any questions.

Bob Ferguson

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  1. They omitted molotov cocktails - might be funny to walk in with a Sprite or Ginger Ale bottle, made of glass, and figure out who is on which side of the debate... And then light it and use it on a valid target.

    MIGHT get the message across that it's no longer an effing game. We're tired of the BS and willing to put some bite into the bark.

    But that's probably a pipe dream, as "they" would simply see it as a failure to correctly legislate. If they'd included molotov cocktails in the legislation, of course I would become magically incapable of combining gasoline, polystyrene, and a glass bottle, with a cotton or cloth wick... Just like magic.
    (BTW - that's the base recipe for Napalm Type B. Like I said - not a game any more, which is one reason I'm not bothering to hide my name any more. Anonymous voices on the net can be claimed to be one or a handful of people. A few million distinct names start to make people question; simple IP checks find these names use different IPs and routers, and come from across the country, and across ethnic divides, as well. We're forming the Unity of Purpose our ersatz rulers fear - precisely because they are trying to harm us. Common cause. Illiterate Illuminati, if you will, and we should thank them for being that dumb.)