Friday, January 11, 2013

Rules of Engagement

A Reasonable Proposal for Rules of Engagement During the Coming Tribulation, by Gary Harper, presented by D.C. Clothesline/Dean Garrison.

This kind of thinking is starting to show up a lot all around the web. Things are getting weird and dangerous....both for people and for liberty.

Get prepared FAST! The Revolution may be upon us before we know it!

Man, I wish I didn't have to write that last sentence.



  1. "Man, I wish I didn't have to write that last sentence"

    Too many still don't get it.. they think its an aberration or some tv drama taking place in the news media.
    We have quislings and traitors at every level that need to be expunged from our society.
    I hope once things kick off we stand long enough to do it right and get them all and then actually restore our Liberty, not accept some contrived version.
    I like the EOTIS concept.

    Yank lll EOTIS

  2. Amen, brother.

    Enemy of the Imperial State. (EOTIS)