Friday, January 25, 2013


Now...this is not the first time we've seen this. What is UP here? I know it's an easy laugh to say flies are attracted to shit....and he's a shithead....

But seriously. He's been  photographed with flies swarming and landing on his face at least twice that I know of...and maybe three or four times?

This is starting to look like a regular thing. And to repeat the obvious and oft-stated "Lord of the Flies" might be tedious, doesn't it seem like there might be something to this.

If I was paranoid, I'd say this is a sign we ought to be paying attention to, instead of waving it away as coincidence.  Flies perpetually swarming around a guy who is demonstrably evil...

What does it take to connect the dots?

Just sayin'



  1. Doesn't surprise me a bit that he isn't bothered by flies buzzing and aliting on him: he was not raised in America.
    If you notice pictures and video of the 'poor starving masses' and other kind of 'poorer nation peoples', flies don't bother them. Rather, they're jsut a part of their environment and, though a pest, are not brushed away with annoyance as an American would (most likely) do.
    It's a 'learned response', and can be unlearned as well. Many hunters learn to ignore the insects crawling on them. Military snipers and SpecOps most certainly don't pay attention to the annoying buggers: to do so would be to give away a position and could be life-threatening.
    Still, with Obongo from the Congo, it just verifies his up-bringing.

  2. PS: PLEASE don't put up more pictures of that turd- seeing 'it' makes me want to puke on my keyboard.

  3. is creepily like those "starving African" kid photos/videos with the crawling things all over them. Have we EVER seen another President with flies on his face....repeatedly? It's just so weird.

    JSW. My apologies. I pretty much feel the same, but I couldn't pass up this particular image...and what it says about the sack of shit.

    Pardon my French.

  4. Brood Mother, IIRC - based on the Red Talon look-alike you have up there, see if you know the reference. ;-)
    If not, don't bother finding out, it's not worth it. :-P (ROI = 0)

  5. HEH HEH HEH... this might get me banned, but it's funny enough (to me) I'll post it anyway....

    The flies remind him of his days int eh bathouse... Soemthing running along his face... >:-)