Monday, January 14, 2013


  "...gun controllers don't hate guns; they hate YOU..."

Perfect insight.


Slacker| 1.14.13 @ 11:30AM

"Gun control isn’t really about guns. It isn’t about AR’s, school safety, magazine capacity or gun free zones. It isn’t about ideas, debate, or solutions.

This is all about blue and red Americans detesting each other. Gun control is a proxy fight in the greater culture war. Gun grabbers hate guns because guns are an identifier of traditional Americans.

It is about time your people figure out that that gun controllers don’t hate guns; they hate YOU. They hate your culture. They hate your church, your music, your pickup trucks and SUV’s, your rural lifestyle, and your food choices.

What they hate most is your white masculinity. The people who want your guns are the same people who put homosexuals in every TV show and charming black people in every commercial.

It is a waste of time to try debate the merits of particular ideas. You will have about as much luck as you do with any other cultural issue -the right always loses in the culture war. I don’t see guns being any different.

It is just a matter of when and how we lose guns rights unlesss the right learns to fight dirty."

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