Monday, January 07, 2013

Another voice for Secession

Referring to the same post as the previous post, Jayhawk makes this observation, supporting secession:

Many Liberal Socialists favor abandoning our US Constitution in favor of a new document that would eliminate "racism, homophobia" and GUNS. The Liberal Socialist ELITES see this as their duty. People like this "Seedyman" chump, see themselves as the ELITE and envision grand status in a new Liberal Socialist STATE. We are at the early stages of fundamenatlly changing our nation, from a Representavie Republic to a Liberal Socialist TOTALITARIAN government. The Election of 2012, proved that more people want Liberal Socialist SECURITY in the form of FREE STUFF, opposed to FREE ENTERPRISE. The solution is to begin SECESSION talks between states where the majority do not want to live under the heal of Liberal Socialism. And, it needs to begin well in advance of the coming GUN GRAB that will disarm the nation and facilitate the rise of the Liberal Socialist Dictatorship. 0bama and his spawn, will gladly impose totalitarian terror on the people, if given the chance. Elections can no longer right wrongs. SECESSION is the only answer I can think of.

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