Thursday, November 08, 2012

Yeah, Buddy

Can I just say AMEN to this...

November 8, 2012

A Few Things I Never Want to Hear Again

By Daren Jonescu

Note:  Okay, Jon and tru ....Daren does make your point about the lack of  conservative bona fides of Romney...but I still think, considering the forces lined up against him/us, he did damned well.

Considering that "moderate" Republicans can't win they're just Socialist's about time to have a real fire-breather workin' the campaign in every race from now on, from dog-catcher to president.

Obviously, we need to kick the shit outta the Republican Party.

The Gunslinger


  1. It has started, it's called the tea party. You do not see us at rallys anymore because we are taking over the system from the bottom up. It all starts with Precinct Committeemen, the absolute bottom rung of the political ladder. Where I live, we conservatives "took over" the local republican p[arty and put conservatives in local party leadership. The results in the last two elections has been tremendous. We have elected a number of conservatives and have weeded out the moderates, both in the party leadership and in elected offices. Our county has had only one republican elected official since its founding. Needless to say, that is no longer the case. A strong conservative (first time in a political race) unseated a 12 year incumbent whose family has been running the liberal show in our county for years. She, along with a host of other dems have had a rude awakening the last two election cycles. This is how it must be done!! Short of a revolution, this is our only course of action.

  2. Here too. Friends of mine have been elected to the Republican Central Committee. We're drafting and supporting good Tea Party candidates.

    In other words...we're fixin to kick the shit outta the local Republican Party.

  3. Anon,
    I hope you also buried them in unmarked graves, to make sure they don't taint future generations.
    Though the vileness might contaminate the water table...