Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Western Sharia

"Liberalism (socialism) is the West's version of Sharia Law.
 Not to worry since the editors, bakers, Protestant leaders and public school teachers all have 72 virgins waiting for them in Paradise. 
Just ask any liberal and they will tell you how superior and virtuous they are."


  1. Public school teachers get 72 virgins? With my luck, they'll be the bearded, World of Warcraft fans, that never left their mom's basement.

  2. Satan's deals ALWAYS have loopholes!

  3. Best part is, when they open their mouth to tell you how wonderful and virtuous they are, you can pour in cyanide... (OK, a soluition of cyanotic acid, IIRC.)
    I love the idea of helping them find their virgins...
    Just remember there's only ONE set of chains, and 72 virgins... Guess who gets to be what?