Friday, November 09, 2012

The Media

A few days ago, I was talking about how we needed to annihilate the media if we were going to ever win again.

Now I'm saying that we have to "burn down the village".

But please note, the one does not contradict the other.

Making the Leftist/Socialist/Supid-Moron media witness the burning of the village...indeed encouraging them to report on all the wonderful socialist policies that are contributing to it will, first, be easy because they are stupid socialists and therefore easily fooled and manipulated, and second...will force them to see the unvarnished, shocking, unmitigated proof that what they thought was true is not...and then, as I've said before, even stupid socialists, when all other options are exhausted, will believe the truth.

Once we have them on our side - on the side of the truth, it'll be a cakewalk.

Our job is to make sure that without fail, without doubt, without exception, ALL OTHER OPTIONS ARE EXHAUSTED.

We have to make things so plain that lies will be laughed at, that excuses will be reviled, that finger-pointing will be mocked.

That socialism apologists will be stoned on sight in the street.

By children.

Who will all know better.

Yes, I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."

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  1. Liked or hated for my comments today - I'm working my way backwards here - have you, as a woman, noted that women always blame men for whatever is wrong? If the power goes out, it's mean's fault. If the sun isn't out, it's men's fault. IF she gets pregnant after a night of drinking, picking up guys, amking out, going home with one, and stmbling home after - it's the MAN'S fault, even if he was as drunk as she. (Don't believe me? The law is even written to enshrine it: she's intoxicated, she's incapable of giving consent - even if he's MORE drunk than she is, he is ASSUMED to be capable, even lasciviously seducing her. )

    My point of all this?
    Liberals like this will only understand when they bleed out... that you killed them. They simply don't GET the rest. I can't even think how to put it in words, because it is solipsism en toto. If you used a sword, they'd blame the sword, the metals, the wood (whatever for the handle, wood being traditional), the air (cold belly now), the Creator (gaia for them?), intelligence, competence... EVERYTHING, except: They attacked you, and they did so unarmed and unarmored. But it's not THEIR fault. Someone did it TO them. They are innocent and blameless.

    (From what i've read of your blog, I am sorry I don't have a better analogy; you give me hope there are intelligent, capable women out there, that I might meet one day... Hopefully at least one would still be single. ;-) )