Friday, November 09, 2012

The Media

Some of the wisest ideas are expressed as "comments". Here's another one. This was posted on CBS News website, which, considering what it says is pretty ironic, actually.

But it's as true as it gets.

spiker5 says:
Barack Obama can best be described as a concept president. To understand what that means, think about a concept car that might appear in a magazine like 'Popular Mechanics'. It could run for a year on a handful of potato skins, sprout wings to fly over traffic jams and fold up into a briefcase when you arrived at work. 

In 2008 the media promised us a president that would heal a divided country, make friends out of terrorists, bring peace to the middle east, solve all our social and economic woes and lower the sea level by powering our country with wind and solar.
Although they're fun to think about, concept cars as well as concept presidents, aren't real. But don't tell that to the leftist ideologues that overwhelmingly run the nation's media. Unwilling to let go of that "tingle up their leg" feeling, they were perfectly willing to sacrifice our country rather than let go of their concept president. 

As a result of misleading and misinforming the American public in an attempt to provide cover and protection for Barack Obama during the last four years, our mendacious media has corrupted itself beyond repair. By morphing from the trusted role of government watchdog to government lapdog, the media has transformed the phrase 'journalistic integrity' into an oxymoron. The American people will remember this for a long time.

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperium

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