Monday, November 12, 2012

No more...NO MORE!

Can I PLEASE not hear anymore about how "brilliant" the Øbama campaign was?

Without the complete cover and collaboration of the "News" media, the dope in the White House would have lost in a landslide.

And everybody would have predicted it by January 2009.

No. Obama ran a campaign that was a tissue of lies and name-calling, of character assassination. And they did it for the last four years.

And the "News" media reported it all as facts. Holy facts. Inarguable facts.

And if you disagreed, the "News" media mocked you.

So please, not one more fucking word about how brilliant the Democrats are.

Except, of course, about how they managed to capture every single organ of the creation of popular culture over the last 50 years.

That was pretty awesome.

And it's time we took it all back.

No more mister nice guy.
The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Øbama burn it down."


  1. Sorry to disagree Gunslinger. The news media did not create public opinion. It parroted the opinion that the masses already held. The democrats did not take control of the organs of popular culture. They utilized existing popular culture for their own ends.

    Popular culture and the news cannot be attacked while they have the support of the masses. Without the support of the masses, they will change or become irrelevent. In order to win, we need to find a way to change the masses. We need another Reagan.

  2. Disagee. The current "masses" are mindless. They must be taught what to think, what to like, what to want...and the media, both "news" and entertainment, and the government schools do just that.

    Unless the media glorifies the Kardashians, the masses cannot like/want/admire them because they will never have heard of them.

  3. I know this may seem weird, but believe it or not, there really were comedies on TV such as The Honeymooners, Father Knows Best and yes, Ozzie and Harriet that were absent of vulgarity, perversion and cynacism and came to a climatic, morally right conclusion. They were, for the lack of a better word, decent. But lurking in every heart is a desire for indecency. It is the primal act of defiance, an assertion of free will for no other reason than rebellion. The corruption is a symbiotic process. The average American family of Ozzie and Harriet became the arch-racist, working class Archie Bunker, his arrogant son-in-law, brain washed daughter and dithering, mindless Edith who only spoke when it could be used to perplex her husband. The Bunkers rose by popular demand to displace the Nelsons. Why?

    Were pre-Bunker Americans living in a fantasy? Were the Nelsons the freakish exception? Or were there more nefarious appeals to the freak show that we all want to see and then distance ourselves from the freaks? Consequently, everything Archie Bunker thinks is wrong, tainted, racist and sexist and so was Ozzie Nelson, but he didn't have the words put in his mouth because all of America was wrong, tainted, racist and sexist and couldn't stand the "truth." So with baited breath, the audience waited for Archie's next outrage so they could oooh and aaaah as the script writers expected. The attractant was the outrageous statements and the propaganda was the dismissal of every other utterance from Archies mouth.

    The media and the public are mutually engaged to find the lowest common denominator that will produce that titilating moment of indecency and the uplifting moment of defying the divine. Are we not our own gods?

    If we accede to the notion that we must embarce and use the "popular culture" to win the hearts and minds of people, then we have surrendered before even beginning to fight. The media is a symptom of the corruption of the popular culture, not its cause but a willing accompolice to the furtherance of its corruption. The popular culture is the problem and will not be subdued until virtue is first acknowledged, and then restored.

  4. You misunderstand me, and I agree with you gunslinger, the current masses are mindless. They do need to be told what to think. Trubol, I agree with you, if we embrace the current popular culture, which is what the other side has done, there is no point.

    What I am saying is that attacking MSM or the pols is pointless. We need to do what we can to make the popular culture our own. Find areas where we can get the masses to agree with us and push those. Never miss an opportunity to push areas where the masses disagree with the current culture. What I am saying is that it's time to study the movers of the 60's and apply their principles (the non-violent ones of course) from a Libertarian instead of a Communist perspective. Without their groundwork, Archie wouldn't have lasted one season. With it, he became an icon.

  5. I understand and agree, but the best way to reach the masses is to control the message. I don't want to "attack" the MSM. I want to dismantle them, replace them, render them obsolete. I want to take over/replace them.

    That is EXACTLY what the "movers" of the 60's did. They ARE the leaders in the Media, Education and Entertainment.

    And that's JUST what I'm suggesting WE do. Take down and replace all of them. Without doing that, we'll never recover the culture.