Wednesday, November 07, 2012

No Confusion

Michael Barone who was, I gather, fabulously wrong about the election, predicting a Landslide victory for Romney...

...has an article at National Review Online titled "Two Americas".

I get what he's saying, but I want to respond:

There is only one America. (Us)

The other one is "Amerika". (Them)

Let's not confuse the two.

America isn't a plot of land, it is an ideal. And if you don't believe in those, there is no America there.

The socialists, stalinists, satanists, illegal alienists, racists, islamists and the various and sundry other morons that make up the Left do not believe in the idea/ideal of America. Therefore what they have and who they are and the place they occupy cannot legitimately be called AMERICA.

They are not Americans, not unless they believe in the idea that is America which idea includes individual liberty,  limited Constitutional government and a free market.

Those that don't believe in, support, and defend these things are not matter where they were born, or what border they illegally crossed.

Never forget it.

If we take ourselves to the Moon or to Mars, and bring these ideals...America will exit there as surely as it has exited on the North American Continent on Earth since 1776.

...til now.

Sorry, Mike. There is only one AMERICA. Anything else is something else.

The Gunslinger

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