Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jeff Anderson's Version...

...of "Let Øbama burn it down."

"So, my advice to House Republicans is to fold — or at least don’t raise the ante. Don’t push your luck, and don’t pick this moment of weakness as the time to seek a “grand bargain.” Make Obama own this. You don’t have to vote for raising taxes on the wealthy (they’ll be raised anyway); just vote to stop the tax hike on the middle class. If Obama’s tax hikes on the wealthy hurt the economy like you say they will, it’ll be crystal clear who’s to blame. Fold and wait for better cards on the next deal. (They can’t be much worse.) Nothing decided this time around will do much of anything to avoid our going over the real fiscal cliff anyway. Wait and risk your chips when the real drivers of our debt are actually at stake. That’s the smart, conservative play."

(Emphasis, mine.)

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Øbama burn it down."


  1. I want to fight these idiots as much as anyone else but I really question the merit of suggesting we let them have their way and "burn the village down." If you had a child that played with the stove no matter how many times you told them bad things would happen, would you let them do it simply to prove your point? Liberal leaders exploit the childish naivete and selfishness of their followers to get what they want, power, even if it is power over an ash heap.

    The Republicans leading in congress are worst than morons and are clearly in government for what they expect to get out of it for themselves which may be money, notoriety or both. They could have stopped this long ago by acting like responsible adults, willing to tell the children what had to be done whether the children liked it or not. But they didn't and the problem is worse and the solution may be even worse.

    I'm really struggling for ideas but I'm not going to jump for bad ones because there is a lack of good ones.

    1. I agree with your point, let me sort of extend it logically.
      you're saying, you have a firebug who wants to use the stove as an ignition source. You tell them "bad things will happen," as you phrased it. Now you ask if it is wise to allow them to burn the village down to prove it.

      Flaw in logic: THEY WANT TO BURN THE VILLAGE DOWN. They don't see it as a bad thing. Your house of bricks is inferior to the house of twigs, which is inferior to the house of straw, because straw burns best...

      You're still trying to reason with lunacy. I think the point of burning the village is to find out who fights the flames, and who pours on gasoline. Everyone is out in the open.

      I'll be pouring gasoline... On the firebugs. :-D

      Always a nice day for a barbecue. (But for the record: You never forget the smell.)

  2. I think we must be careful of unintended consequences...and this strategy may have a bunch. Like you...I'm working toward an answer..."struggling for ideas.".

    Here's the deal on this though. The village is going to burn down. If this election was the catastrophe we all said it was...there really isn't an alternate result.

    That being we stand in opposition to whatever the Dems do...knowing that no matter what we do or say the village will still burn down? And if we put ourselves out there as opposition, and ineffective opposition at that...we allow ourselves to become scapegoats, blamed as the REASON the otherwise "perfectly effective and good policies" that WOULD HAVE SAVED EVERYTHING...alas, failed.

    It seems to me, if we cheer them on, and there is no disenting voice...who can they blame when the village is gutted?

    Maybe I'm underestimating the cleverness of the Left...and overestimating the intelligence of the citizenry...

    1. I truly believe, and have written that Obama hates America and burning down the village is exactly what he has in mind. It is his minions on the left that are living in denial that he has that goal simply because they lust for power. The left isn't that clever and, as usual gives themselves credit for far more intelligence than they actually have. The community organizer has conned the con men.

      Destroy the economy, gut the military, isolate us from our allies are but a few of many goals Obama has. Helping him and thinking we can later say "I told you so" is itself a childish strategy that most likely will backfire. Secession would accomplish the same thing so I won't jump on that bandwagon either.

      I do have an idea but I'm not prepared to articulate it at this time. It's an idea to eject the arsonist from the village, or at least parts of the village and lead the way for those villagers in doubt to follow. I need more time to think it through.

    2. Maybe I'm underestimating the cleverness of the Left...
      Possibly. Most are, I think, insane or stupid. Not clever. But lunatics can be "clever" because they think so differently, you can't anticipate them. So they seem clever.

      and overestimating the intelligence of the citizenry...

      "Imagine the average person, and think how dumb they are. Now, realize: half the population is dumber than that." (George Carlin)

    3. Replying to Trubolotta:
      I don't know that it's possible to "remove the arsonist." There are people in positions to profit from the arsonist - and people positioned like that have been around logn enough to have contingency plans.

      All of Congress is bought and paid for. Lines of succession indicate that if you get rid of Firebug POTUS to protect the village, you now have Firebug VP, then Firebug Speaker, then Firebug Speaker Pro Tempore, then Firebug... Sec State, I think it is? Then SecDef, and another, and another, for at least 15 iterations.
      Removing firebugs isn't an option. You need another distraction, another course of cash, adulation, power.
      The whore goes where the money is. Change the money, change the whore's mind (or morals, for example.)

      your thoughts?