Friday, November 09, 2012

I found it

Here's were I saw the quote than prompted the previous post.

What's interesting is that I didn't read this article before I posted mine...just saw the title quote. And we're both pretty much saying the same thing. In places like California, where I live, whose idiot citizens just voted to give the rapacious, criminal, lying, thieving, reprobates in the legislature more tax money to give to their union thugs, and a super majority in both houses (!)...there's not really much else we can do anyway but prepare for the conflagration, and continue to point out who's lighting the matches.

The Gunslinger 
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."

"When there are serious, long-term contractions, the weakest, the poorest get pushed to the wall. Those are the Obama voters -- not all of them, but most. Feel the pain.

Economic pain is a universal message. Everyone gets it. If you are Hispanic, gay, poor, union, you can feel sharp, economic pain. Then comes the hopelessness, the breakdown of the families, perhaps violence.

Elections have consequences.

It appeared there was enough pain in 2012 to end this madness. Perhaps not.
So, let's double down on the pain.

Obama is burning his village and the people in it may well find that the only elixir for ideology is enough pain to make them think.

Perhaps the only way to educate the uneducated and overeducated to the madness of socialism is to give it to them till it hurts.

Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Obama burn it down.

We'll see."

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