Monday, November 19, 2012

I already did...

Please go here and donate as much as you can to help Israel.

It's through Glenn Beck's

Israel is alone against the world...fighting for their lives, and the US Government and the US Liberal Media are engaged in a full-on campaign to demonize them and canonize the Gaza filth.

According to Glenn, they need the help. And they won't be getting it from anybody else, that's for sure.

Please do what you can. And God bless you.


The Gunslinger

P.S. I'm not very religious, but there's something about watching the demonization  and attempted destruction—with the applause of the of the entire Muslim world, the Left of every country, the godless government and media of the United States of America—of God's Chosen People...that makes me want to reach for my bible and reconsider my quasi-believer status.

Isn't there a prophesy about that??

I'm not sure it's possible to look Satan in the eye, and persist in agnosticism.
Just sayin'



  1. "when all nations come against Israel" - I forget the verse but it is Revelation I believe.

  2. Thanks...sounds right. Ima look it up.