Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Here's the Deal

There is a lot of conversation about "what happened" last night.

Nothing happened but one big fat thing.

The "News Media" acted like Øbama's propaganda machine.

There is no longer even the pretense of fairness or neutrality or "news".

The formerly known as, and currently hilariously still referred to, Mainstream Media, is firmly and solidly up close and personal to Øbama's ass, french-kissing it madly.

No matter what we say, it is distorted by the "enemedia". No matter what we do, it is lied about by the Øbamedia.

No matter what Leftists do, they are lionized by that same media, and no matter who they are, what they want, how evil their intentions, behavior, how long their victims list...they will be feted and adored and written about in glowing terms by the media whores.

We need to understand that narrative and image is EVERYTHING. And those that create and control them WIN.

Every fucking time.

Our job is clear. We have to liquidate the power and reach of the current media. We have to make them completely irrelevant. We have to create and control the narrative.

Until we do that we will continue to lose elections and the country.

Look, we don't have to figure out how to appeal to women. All we need to do is get them the real, actual facts, and they will align with us.

We don't have to figure out how to appeal to black people, or brown people, or tan people or red people or yellow people...or young people or little people or circus clowns, tattoo artists, rodeo riders, manhole cover makers, sandwich servers, pole climbers, rail-riders, hobos or flautists or any other strange and wonderful demographic.

All we need to do is figure out how to beat down the lying dogs of the media, and get the real news and facts to the people. They will vote with us.

Suggestions welcome. This is the conversation we need to have.

The Gunslinger


  1. OK. Let us consider for a moment this. The GOP trotted out the runner up to the loser in the last presidential election. And we're surprised at the outcome?
    Until we're presented with a clear choice, a person with a vision for our country and not Republican or Democrat idiocracy, we can expect nothing but more of the same.
    We deserve exactly what we got.

  2. Facts? I think Obama voters knew damn well he was lying, but about things they could less about. His lie is their comfort zone. Getting their government goodies is foremost and nothing else even comes close because Obama told them everything else is just fine. Again, they know everything else is NOT fine, but they don't care and can always use the Obama lie for cover.

    We are dealing with the most morally challenged group of people ever to inhabit this country. The only fact they care about is when can they expect the next freebie and it isn't stealing because they deserve it.

  3. I disagree. Most people don't know what's going on. Most people are not determinedly socialist. Most people are not hopelessly stupid. Just hopelessly uninformed.

    We are informed because we are insane political junkies. That is not a normal, healthy way to be. Most people have lives.

    Jon...I disagree. In spite of the insurmountable odds stacked against Romney: the entire Media, the educational system, the government parasites, most of "pop" culture...and billions of dollars, he got almost exactly as many votes as the Messiah. That's completely astonishing.

    Imagine if the media had told the truth, just the simple, unvarnished truth about Øbama. Romney would be headed to the White House by the landslide some conservatives were predicting.

    I grant you he wasn't a Tea Party candidate, but we have to take over the GOP....or make it irrelevant like the Whigs and become the official opposition party to make that happen.

    But we still have to annihilate the current MSM.

    It's no longer just a requirement for success and victory. Its a vendetta. And I'm Italian.

    Just sayin'

    1. The problem Gunny is you look at this as a person who takes the role of government seriously and that it should follow the Constitution. Obamaroids don't. Events in Libya may upset you and I, but Obamaroids ask what does Libya have to do with my free food, free health care, free contraceptives, free cell phone, free housing and on and on. All they want to know from the MSM is who is better for them strictly in terms of who will take better care of them. It is the only thing that matters to them.

      It is hard for us to relate to this kind of selfishness and childish behavior, but if I might try an analogy. Lets say you love target shooting and they stop the match so someone can explain the rules of chess. Huh? Do you really want to know the rules of chess or are you annoyed they interrupted something you enjoy? The way Obamaroids see things, the King handles foreign affairs because they are not interested and don't care to be interested. It's even worse than that, but that's a whole different discussion.

      Santa Claus would have lost to Obama. Why? He's keeping a list, checking it twice, gonna find out whose naughty or nice ... Obama doesn't keep a list and that's why he beats Santa Claus.

      By the way, I haven't watched television for over 12 years now. Oh, I might be in its presence when I go out but I do not miss it one bit. I'm not disagreeing for one moment about the malfeasance of the MSM but I have done my part to free myself of their BS. I don't care what programming they put on, I won't watch it.

  4. Unfortunately it's not about YOU...but whom else they influence that is the problem.

    I'm just saying we can't win until we kill the current "news" media.

    By the way, I LOVE television. There's some really cool stuff on that's highly entertaining.

    There's certainly a lot of crap, too, but of course it's easy to avoid. That's what remotes are for.

    1. Heh... ;-)
      Ever reach for the remote to change the channel, and find out there's a bullet hole in the screen? ;-)

      (I don't have a gun, so for me, the answer is no, and I only mean this as a joke. Because if I DID have a gun, I wouldn't be able to AFFORD TVs any more, I'd go through them too quickly. ;-) )

  5. re: Eliminating the media.
    Remove Liberals (Note capital L) from education. With extreme prejudice.
    Remove them from the controlling company's power structure, at all levels, especially the top. Extreme prejudice.
    Remove them from in front of the cameras, and in the editing rooms, with extreme prejudice.

    The emssage will get out, and if it takes a while - all the better. More examples removed from the shallow end of the gene pool.