Saturday, November 17, 2012

Did I do this already?

It's so important, I need to do it again:

"There are many reasons why the conservative movement failed to achieve electoral success this year, but perhaps one of the most significant is the enduring power and influence of the left-dominated "mainstream" media. The 2012 cycle demonstrated that left-wing journalists have far more sway on Americans' opinions than many conservatives have been willing to admit.

While the right's ability to access mass audiences has increased substantially in recent decades with the advent of talk radio, cable television, and the Internet, its audience reach is still tiny compared to the hundreds of millions who consume news generated by the liberal mainstream media."

Until we find a way to deal with this reality, we're screwed.

The Gunslinger

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  1. "Until we find a way to deal with this reality..."

    One target at a time, using variable tactics, some blatant, some "accidental."

    Rinse and repeat until all targets are washed away...