Friday, November 09, 2012


Five or so posts ago I wrote that the only answer for our divided country was secession.

I still think it is a good and viable option.

But, the other one, the one I've been talking about in the last four, the conservative Cloward and Piven strategy of overwhelming the Big-Government, Socialist system until the village also an alternative.

I think we can do both, actually. Some of us want—and can— to move to places where people are like us, that have big populations that might consider removing themselves from the 50% stupid socialists and their dystopic cities and failing economies.

(Side note...did you hear about the rash of muggings of NewsMedia personnel in Oakland? Gangs of what is presumed to be blacks by thinking people, are violently attacking cameramen and stealing their broad daylight, as they're on the street doing their jobs. I find it hilarious. The very people that won't report "urban" crime for fear of being racists...are being victimized by their pets...because those same pets don't give a shit about the fine sensibilities of those tender liberals of the "media". It's too rich, too funny, too about time!)

Others of us perhaps don't wish to, or can't leave for any number of reasons...might want to  adopt the "Burn the Village" strategy s the best way to force "transformation"...

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."

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