Thursday, November 01, 2012

A Little (Snarky) Advice

A reminder to both hipsters and oldsters:

 • Everything new is not an improvement.

 • Everything old is not a classic.

Discrimination is the key. Let's employ it, shall we?

The Gunslinger


  1. Define "new" and "old" I love my M-1873 colt, i don't think of it as "new" or "old". It simply the best handgun I'v ever owned. Like wise I grew up with "dial" 'phones. They are old. But I truly hate cell phones. I think at my age it all about point of view.

  2. I'm gonna be discriminate between cylinders and slides. I'll take my .357 before a 1911 any day.
    But the .357 is a new and improved... hold on a second, I wanna reconfigure this scenario... maybe I will keep the 19... nah, on third thought, I'll stick to wut I love, and that cylinder spins so nice... besides, I gots lotsa .357 to reload...

  3. I gotta go with 1911. Shoot like butter...