Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Little Phamily Phone Humor

Okay...just got a new Android phone yesterday. Latest Samsung. Killer everything. It has dynamite voice you can dictate text messages - and pretty much every else you'd normally use a keyboard for.

I haven't used Voice Regoc for years, so it's, like, miraculous the way it gets what you're saying.

Except, it isn't perfect...and I was texting my sister, letting her know that the reception was really good today when I used the phone to talk to someone in "Colma".

Only it came out "coma". I immediately send her a correction and this is what she texts back:

"I was gonna say, if they are in a coma and you could talk...what app is that?"

Yeah..SmartAss runs in the family.

The Gunslinger

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