Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Bedtime Stories

As a child, I loved the simple stories of heroes and villains.

When I grew up, I found that life was rarely that cut & dried. Shades of grey do exist in the adult's world, and it's rarely as exhilarating as those precious bedtimes when the hero boldly vanquished the unequivocal monster.

But...wonder of wonders, it appears that in our lifetime we are to be treated to fantasy become reality.

It's getting harder to deny anymore...even as my adult, grownup brain wants to disdain the idea—actual evil seems to be afoot in the world, and its guise is becoming ever more clear.

See if you agree.

"Contained within his secularism is a totalitarian seed, which will grow and grow until nothing is a 'private' matter. As the hapless executives at the Komen Foundation recently learned--after committing the thought crime of withholding private donations from abortionists--no one is free to leave Obama's Animal Farm."

The Gunslinger

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