Tuesday, December 01, 2009

ZerØ Still Believes....

Robert Gibbs, the gormless spokesman for the Resident has announced that in spite of the evidence, the Bamster still believes in Global Warming.

Yeah, okay.

Something so perfectly suited to facilitate the installation of a Socialist World Government is not going to be given up easily by the Marxist Grad Student occupying the White House.

The White House on Monday made exceptionally clear that it wants nothing to do with the furor over documents that global warming skeptics say prove the phenomenon is not a threat.

Despite the incident, which rocked international headlines last week, climate science is sound, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stressed this afternoon, and the White House nonetheless believes "climate change is happening."

Please note that there is no suggestion that the "science" (rates scare quotes now) of Global Warming is TRUE...just a statement that they don't want to have to deal with the inconvenient truth.

Oh, and the proclamation that the Resident "believes". Like some sort of cult member. That's comforting.

Don't confuse the boy with FACTS...he's already made up his mind.

Now to this:

"I think there's no real scientific basis for the dispute of this," responded Gibbs to questions about those scientists' credibility.
This is serious wormhole, through the looking glass, parallel universe stuff here. Did I hear the guy right? Cause I  think he just said:

"There is no real scientific basis for questioning the credibility of cheating, lying, fact hiding, report altering, evidence tampering "scientists."
And if that's not bad enough...please note the tone used by the writer Tony Romm:

Not only has the White House faced criticism from the left for offering too few concessions ahead of the meet, it is now fielding dissatisfaction from the right for participating in a summit sponsored in part by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -- one of the research organs touched by the CRU spat.


I guess Watergate was a "spat" between Nixon and the Washington Post.

Maybe the Civil War was a "spat" between the North and the South.

Where the hell do these people come from? I'm starting to believe the kooks who say we've been invaded by aliens who have taken human form and live among us.

Normal mentally healthy human beings born with the logic gene, don't think or talk like this.

Maybe these bastards ARE Lizard-People.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum

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