Monday, December 07, 2009

Tyranny in Action

...before our very eyes. This bitch is lying through her teeth, to smash and grab more power for herself, the FDA, and the Central Government.

With undeniable evidence of the FRAUD of Global Warming and all its "science", she is still parroting the party line...lying in our faces...without shame or consequence (yet) in order to control our lives by tyrannical fiat.

I don't know how much longer the people are going to put up with this...seriously.

Yes, she actually SAID this:

“There is nothing in the hacked e-mails that undermines the science upon which this decision is based,” Jackson said in announcing the finding this afternoon. She said the controversial messages dealt only with a tiny fraction of the strong evidence of global warming.

Well, nothing except the pure evidence of bullshit, lies, fraud, manipulation, withholding evidence, and destroying it when they could.

Nothing at all.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. Hey, don't confuse liberals with facts! It's cruel and inhuman punishment. It hurts their teeny, weeny brains...

    But seriously, she is absolutely right. Wait, don't yell, let me explain!

    The scientific and academic tradition that developed in the West is to start with observations. From that, we develop ideas of facts about the universe. The sun goes around the earth - oops, wait, upon better observation it's the other way around. From these we develop theories about gravity, electricity, matter, etc.

    But this is not how the modern liberal academic method works. It starts with the theory, i.e., ideology. From these you can derive facts and compare them to observation. If the observations are wrong, then they have to be changed to fit the facts, i.e., ideology/theory.

    So, from the liberal point of view, it is absolutely true that western civilization - the free market, capitalism, individual liberty, limited government West - is evil. Consequently, it must necessarily be true that the horrid capitalistic West is ruining the planet. So it is a fact that global warming is happening. Hence, if the temperature data does not show an increase, then it must be wrong and the data must be adjusted to be correct.

    This is why you literally cannot argue against a "we know best", "you need us to tell you how to live", "let us tell you what to believe", capital-L Liberal. To them you, your reasoning is literally backwards.

  2. lowandslowpony7/12/09 9:51 PM

    So lets tie em up and set em on fire.

  3. Heathen you are dead right. And Lowandslow...I like the way you think!

    I have faith that the truth will win out, but as I've said elsewhere...what's a worry is what these freaks will do in the interim.

  4. GS,
    You are so hung up on truth girl. Get with the program - since when did truth have anything to do with government information filters? :)

    In celebration of the latest Global Warming information I jumped into my gas guzzler and took myself on a completely unnecessary drive around the neighborhood.

    Some days I just live on the sharp edge, with a devil may care attitude that is quite reckless. Total rebel!


  5. Blueeyedblonde...what was I THINKING!

    Can I get you some warm milk to go with that dangerous "rebellion" (LOL!)