Tuesday, December 01, 2009

That Was Quick

I'm sure it's just me...but I've already abandoned all effort to watch the son-of-a-bitch.

In the first 5 minutes we got a lot of blaming Bush (without actually mentioning his name, of course) and a whole passel of justifying himself and his dithering.

And to hear this pretender proclaim that President Bush ignored Afghanistan while he concentrated on Iraq is to witness a display of such stupidity or venal misrepresentation that it even surprises me—who has not a shred of respect for the Marxist Grad-Student Resident of the White House.

What happened, of course, is that the MEDIA and therefore the PUBLIC and apparently a useless, clueless, arrogant, ignorant, SENATOR more focused on his career path than the business of the country—paid attention to Iraq and ignored Afghanistan—while President Bush kept up the fight...working tirelessly without their support or interest, and indeed, under their constant fire, to keep America safe by fighting a two front war.

God....when is this gasbagging asshole going to realize he's at the big people's table?

Time to watch reruns of SUPERNATURAL. The Winchester brothers have more maturity and good sense in their fictional humor that the Resident has accumulated in his entire pampered life.

I just can't stand his face anymore, and his voice grates on my every nerve.

 I suppose I should be "bigger" than that. But listening to him has never enlightened me to the slightest degree. All it's ever done is piss me off. And he managed a record this time....less than five minutes.

And I'm just too fucking tired to deal with another bunch of empty platitudes and self-stroking from his skinny ass.

I'll have to find out what he said tomorrow from someone I can actually stand to listen to.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. I'd forgotten the sham was gonna be on,turned on the tv to watch "NCIS",saw it was pre-empted by President Pantload's Spew-palooza,and watched "The Limey" movie, with Terence Stamp.Don't mean a thing anyway...Why waste time? A boring little man...

  2. I TIVO'd it and went to help some folks store away this weekend's Tea Party related gear. I haven't brought myself to watch it since getting back home... maybe tomorrow... but after hearing a clip of "... send 30,000 and begin pulling out in 18 mo's..." there doesn't seem to be much reason to listen to the rest.

    2010 & 2012.

    That's worth focusing on.

    Oblabama... not so much.

  3. I agree with you completely on this one! When the hell is he going to take responsibilty for his actions? How much longer are we going to have to hear his lame ass, tired, played out excuses that it is all Bushes fault? Is there anyone in Washington that has a set of balls anymore? Sorry Ladies you know what I mean. Thank God for people like you G.S. and Fox News if wasn't for you guys I think I would be in the nuthouse by now!!! The main stream media doesn't have a backbone either they continue to play right into it instead of doing their job and challenging him on issues that affect We The People. Are they really that afraid of him? It all seems choreographed to me like some bad dance routine! The shame of it all is that he makes our country look very weak in the eyes of our enemies with his weak and undescisive decisions. He is going to get alot more of our Service Men and Women killed because of his weak leadership DAMN PANSY! I can only imagine what is goin through the minds of our enemies as they listen to this bafoon speak. How high is the American body count going to have to be before people start holding his feet to the fire and they begin to see that he isn't qualified to lead Our Country? It angers me greatly to just have to listen to the idiot rattle on and on. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Impeach The Bum!

  4. Bobo is still campaigning. The Taliban is jumping with joy, and Americans are still screwed. No big change.

    I watched it because I believe you should "know your enemy".

  5. Here is a site you can rely on for trustworthy reporting and unbiased news:


  6. Nice of him to do the announcement at West Point, where he can force the cadets and their commanding officers to be there. I didn't listen; I watched with the sound off. (I was waiting for NCIS.) If he sounded as arrogant and pompous as he looked, I wouldn't be surprised. What a narcissistic jerk.

  7. And his poll numbers are at 47%. I'm not sure they care, though. I believe they think they can shove their agenda through, and change the "paradigm" in their favor:

    Corruption, ACORN election fraud, pork bribes, and outright lying.

    It's worked so far.

    We are the brick wall they're going to run up against, I hope.

    I don't think they've thought it through entirely. Mostly because they believe they can demonize us enough that we will be shunned and ignored.

    I think they might have miscalculated on that one.

    Even my niece and nephew, children of my Liberal sister, are showing distinctly Libertarian/Conservative tendencies and are less than impressed with this regime.

    And it's clear the cadets weren't impressed...some were reading, some were sleeping. That's a pretty clear review of the Marxist Grad Student currently residing in the White House.