Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thaddeus McCotter, Member of Congress, Michigan's 11th District

His Five Point Summary of the Fundamental Principles he says should guide the Republican Party:

"Our liberty is from God not the government;
our sovereignty rests in our souls not the soil;
our security is through strength not surrender;
our prosperity is from the private sector not the public sector;
and our truths are self-evident, not relative."

And he plays guitar. I sorta like this guy.

(Unfortunately, he plays "Free Bird". For that, deduct points)

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. What... no white papers? Polling analysis? How'd a Conservative manage to get into the GOP?

  2. This "hip"-stretch to "reach the kids"is so out-dated. I felt better finding out years ago that Ian Curtis of Joy Division (who pre-cursed U2 and that whole British/Irish angst-driven thang) voted Tory,according to his wife.Of course,THAT'S out-dated as well,but it ain't so retro.Like the 5-point Principle,but the music-link "hip"-stuff reminds me of Lee Atwater hype from the way-back.I like Thelonius Monk..ain't that "cooler" and,tho it was before "Rock",a fuck of a lot more sophisticated? Sorry,I'm not linear as to what is understood as hip.Then again,I dig Thomas Gibson's stoic character on "Criminal Minds",which episode tonight is apparently taking place in some Hollywood hack's idea of Nashville...

  3. C'mon. I love Freebird.

  4. Six, I rode a Harley for years. With other bikers. Can you imagine how many times I heard "Freebird" and "Born to be Wild"?

    Seriously, dude, enough is enough for one lifetime.

    Sorry... totally lost me. Maybe I'm just tired :-)

  5. "Can you imagine how many times I heard "Freebird" and "Born to be Wild"?"

    I spent the 80's in a band playing clubs up and down the western states.

    You. Have. No. Idea.

    The Horror....

  6. Okay, you win. I bow to your superior hardship!

  7. ;-)

    's okay... my hardship is half fraudulent... I still like 'Born to be Wild'

  8. Apologies for the Kerouacian ramble,Gunny. I gave my Inner Editor the night off last night.Won't do dat again!

  9. No apologies's lost in the references.