Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Only Thing Left to Do

We the People have made it clear that we don't want ØbamaCare.

We the People have made it clear that we don't want Crap & Tax.

We will nevertheless, in spite of our profound rejection of them, get both.

We will get them because the Progressive majority of Congressmen disdain We the People, consider themselves fit to be our rulers rather than our servants, and are determined to create a permanent Imperial State in which they retain all power and control, and to which we will be reduced to serfdom and slavery.

Starting right now, no matter what outrageous distractions pour out of this manipulating White House...we must focus like a laser beam on the task of cleaning the vipers out of Congress.

The 2010 elections may be the most important in our nation's history.

If the puffed up, incipient tyrants currently in Congress are allowed to ignore the will of The People without punishment, they will have learned that they can do anything they want, including treating the Constitution like an irrelevancy and an obstacle rather than the sacred law of the land...and they will.

We have to take them out. We have to punish them. We need to defeat as many of them as we can. We need to take OUR HOUSE back! And all of the bastards are up for election in 2010.

Their defeat needs to be the most pressing, most important, highest priority we have until the polls close on election night in November 2010.

No matter what else this Chicago thug and his posse try to do from the White House...if we can get our Congress back, they can roll back any outrage these criminals put into effect.

While I am going to continue to contact my (Progressive) representatives to object to every one of the expected ongoing outrages...I am going to keep my eye on the prize: 2010!

I hope the entire Liberty Community, all around the country does the same thing...if we work together, STARTING NOW, we can do it.

The stakes could not be higher. We will either prevail, and begin the long work of restoring our Constitutional Republic, or we will fail, and become serfs under the boot of the Imperial State.

Pass the word. Don't get distracted by any of the other nonsense coming out of Washington. That's their plan. If we are constantly running after all the shiny objects they toss out, we'll expend our energy on false trails.

We have ONE GOAL and ONE HOPE:  Elect a Congress that will stand against any furthering of Øbama's agenda, and repeal that part of it which has already passed.

Without a compliant Congress....Øbama will be rendered an ineffective, lame duck for the second half of his one and only term.

And I can't think of anything better for the future of America than that.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. AMEN! "Help Keep America Beautiful" Put The Trash Where It Belongs!

  2. I agree, the 2010 elections may be the most important ever, and we've got to keep the pressure on. We're already in overtime, and quite possibly sudden death.

  3. You got it people if their ever was a more important time to make your vote count it is going to be in the up coming elections. If we can't turn it around then, there may not be a Country left just a shell and shadow of a Great Country will remain! After that all bets are off! This will probably be the last chance we get to turn it around PEACEFULLY! Here is our chance to defeat tyrany without bloodshed VOTE THEM OUT!

  4. And I think it might be the LAST chance...