Friday, December 11, 2009

Britain Doesn't Have a Chance

Boobery is rampant in the UK....where "sustainable development commissioner" Professor Tim Lang has decided that the government should decide what and how much people should eat, determine what food is permissible to make and sell, and what foods will simply no longer be available to people who want it.

Because he's decided what's better for others....and, of course, the planet.

Who are these reeking ghouls that feed off the misery of their victims; who are never so happy as when they are forcing deprivation and misery on others?

I tried to pick out a exemplar paragraph, but the entire thing is so egregious, so fascist, so blithely unaware of the complete totalitarianism being proposed, and so little understanding of nutrition...that it was just too hard to single out a bit.

Just read the whole thing and see what we can expect to hear from our own Marxist Vampires soon.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. I would love to see simple minded twits like him cast off his clothing and go into the wilderness to forage.

  2. What once was potentially a Monty Python skit 30 years ago is,sadly,reality...

  3. Hermit, yes it would be "good for the planet" in so many ways!

    Jones....Amen, brother. These times are the very definition of that over-used term: surreal.

  4. Just another bureaucrat giving the black market more reason to exist. There are many villages missing their idiots these days, it seems.