Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The REAL Hoffman Story

Beck has the scoop on the Hoffman race in the 23rd district of New York.

He's laughing at the Liberal and RINO pundits' take on the defeat of our favorite accountant. They're trying to make the case that the Tea Party people and Conservativism "lost" because Hoffman missed winning by three percentage points.

Check out the REST of the story:

• Doug Hoffman is a regular guy that up until a couple of months ago, nobody had ever heard of.

• Doug Hoffman exactly a firecracker personality. (Have you seen him?)

• The Democrats spent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to destroy him.

• The Republicans spent at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS to destroy him before Suzzy-Wuzzy dropped out less than a week ago.

• After dropping out she endorsed the Democrat and colluded with him to defeat Hoffman.

• The Democrat's name was listed twice on the ballot.

• The Republican's name was listed twice on the ballot.

• Doug Hoffman's name was listed once sandwiched between the others.

• Scuzzy-Wuzzy, though out of the race, took 5% of the vote

Doug Hoffman came within 3 points of WINNING!

You tell me. Who's in trouble?

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. Let them spin and whine. They know the truth. Was the Hoffman gambit appropriate for every congressional race with a less than perfectly conservative candidate? Nope. Was it appropriate for NY-23? Damn right it was. It wasn't even the winning or losing. It was the broadside from the right. The good ship RINO is dismasted, and it's hull shot through, a frigate torn up by a little Conservative brig.

    I can't wait for next year. My blood is up.

  2. Agreed. And he very nearly WON!