Monday, November 09, 2009

Libertarian Conservatives?

The coalition between Conservatives and Libertarians may prove, it if can hold, the salvation of the country from the ravages of the Marxists dirtbags now running the joint.

Republican/Libertarian Alliance by James Aalan Bernsen has written about it in Texas Republic News, October 27, 2009

Something unprecedented happened in America on April 15, 2009, and the implications for the political landscape of Texas and America could turn out to be profound. A tenuous alliance between two political groups was formed that, if maintained, could reverse years of conservative losses and portend ill news for liberals.

What is happening is a gradual meeting of minds between conservatives and their distant cousins, the Libertarians.

“We’ll work with anybody that we feel is in agreement with our core beliefs,” said Pat Dixon, Libertarian Party of Texas chairman said of the growing alliance between the groups represented by the Tea Parties. “I think when there are ideas of economic freedom” the alliance makes sense.

Bryan Preston, a spokesman for the Texas GOP, said Republicans are reaching out and finding lots of common ground with Libertarians. That common ground traces its roots to opposition to President Obama’s agenda.

“I’m encouraged by the reaction that Obama is spawning among pretty much everyone who doesn’t want government controlling their lives,” Preston said. Pointing to a recent Gallup poll that shows 40 percent of Americans identifying themselves as conservatives, Preston said that Washington is growing increasingly “out of touch.”

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  1. Yeap...I don't care if it is a gradual or sudden meeting of the minds...the minds just need to meet-up and understand what is at stake. If our contry (We the People) continue(s) down the current path...we're all in (a) deep deep (hole) shit...not to mention the next generations. We've gotta turn it around, whatever the cost.

    I am pissed!

    Yabu---EOTIS, Proven Son of the Revolution, Single Stacker, True American, Realist, Honorable, Trustworthy.

  2. Yabu---EOTIS, Proven Son of the Revolution, Single Stacker, True American, Realist, Honorable, Trustworthy."

    I'm likin' your resumé!