Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Gunslinger Speaks!

I went to an "Organizers Conference" in San Francisco yesterday. Oath Keepers sponsored it.

I gave a speech.

I got interrupted by applause a few times.

(It was way cool.)

We were supposed to introduce our local group, but I kind of cheated. I figured everybody pretty much knows what the 9.12 Project I concentrated on LIBERTY.

Funny how a successful speech makes you want to do it again!

Applause is nice.

I don't have the text of my speech to share...I can't do it that way. I just write notes and fill them in when I'm talking. I do better that way. I've had a little practice lately by running our local meetings...but it is different being behind a podium with a mic talking to people you don't know.

You've heard it all anyway:

Liberty is the highest human value. (You can't have love, charity, compassion, justice, or hope without it.)

America is the beacon of liberty for the world - divinely inspired - and if we let the light of freedom die here, we extinguish from the World.

The we...we small band of brothers are the only ones standing between humanity and the Darkness.

That it is just us regular folks, some fat, old or bald—a group of nobodies standing in the breach....

....Providence doesn't  always choose kings...

 That this is a time that tries mens' souls, a time for great deeds and courage.

That we are the "Men of the West" before the Black gates of Mordor.
That we are the ones who've awakened from the Matrix....who took the RED pill.
That we are the rag-tag group fighting the machines and the Terminator.

And that we must win!

And that there is one simple equation that we have to keep in mind...that it's really all we need to know. It's the only standard we need:

More government power = Less individual liberty

Anything that increases the size & power of government decreases individual liberty. It ALWAYS works that way, there are no exceptions. It is a Zero-Sum Game.

It doesn't matter how pretty, how many bows or how much glitter...if a policy or program increases government, it decreases human liberty.

If you create a government program to feed starving children, you will have condemned those children to a life of slavery to an Imperial State.  No matter how worthy the cause might seem, increasing government is ALWAYS BAD.
As I've already heard it all.

But they seemed to like it.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. Congratulations! Not surprised,of course.

  2. Way to go G.S.! Keep Spreading the word! Its because of people like you that we may not need soldiers like me!

  3. We ALWAYS need soldiers like you, Nathan.

    But I get your point, thanks.

  4. What, no links?! I sure would have liked to have seen that!

    We did something similar here in St. Louis, yesterday - I didn't do any speaking, just helped with setting up, but still a great way to celebrate a B-Day (mine, woo-hoo!).