Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Christie and McDonnell Win!


I did not expect that. I didn't dare hope that the Republican would win in New Jersey. New Jersey!


We were more or less expecting that, so it's not such a delightful surprise...though a VERY good sign.

I can only hope that we can make it a sweep with a Doug Hoffman win in the 23rd in New York. At the moment, he's slightly behind, but with less than 40% of votes counted. There is still hope. I understand that many of the heavily Republican precincts have not yet reported.

Funny how the Democrats, exactly as Rush predicted, are squawking that the big wins in Virginia and New Jersey aren't really indicative of any sort of rejection of Øbama's policies and programs...

...but that the "conservatives repudiation of 'their own party's' candidate" ...should Hoffman lose, will show that the conservative policies and programs are DOA.

Their logic is impeccably illogical, and utterly predictable. They are so determinedly partisan, and so out of touch with even the whiff of reality, it's hard to sit still while they're talking.

I'm listening to the John Corzine hawk "Health Care" and the "Rights of Labor" and "Progressive Values"...in his concession speech.

No doubt Ø will be shocked that his "magic" didn't bring home the bacon even though he showed up numerous times to support his boy. No doubt there will not be a single word spoken about it from the White House.

They'll just pretend it never happened. Or that it makes no difference at all. After all, the report is that he's not even watching the returns.

Yeah, okay.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
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