Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Rest of the NRA Greybeard Story...

Remember this post?

Well I found out the rest of the story...and it's a doozy!

K.R. is an attorney, and he has a client that rich.

And this client is preparing his bequests, and wants to make sure his money goes to worthy Liberty causes. He's adamant. Some will go to Hillsdale College, the Heritage Foundation, the Mises get the picture.

My friend, his attorney wondered if he'd like to designate the NRA as a recipient, and his client said no—because he feels they are a calcified, one-issue organization incapable of reaching out to other groups, even in the interests of freedom - and therefore inhibit rather than advance the cause.

When K.R. was surprised at the answer, the client challenged him to "Go try!" and make the case for coalition building at the NRA.

If you read the post linked above, you know what happened.

What the petrified NRA council members didn't know when they unceremoniously rejected my friend's criticisms and suggestions and asked him to leave their meeting—is that they were being tested to see if they deserved to recieve MILLIONS of dollars from the client.

And they rudely and promptly failed the test.

Someone else will be getting those millions instead of the NRA.

That's what happens when self-importance, personal ambition, small thinking, single-issue obsession, and an unwillingness to see the big picture takes over. Opportunities are lost...and in this case, so are fortunes.

I consider it a happy ending. For liberty if not for the NRA...

...because the client is still looking for a beneficiary for that money. He's seeking an activist - "the Saul Alinsky of the Liberty Community" - to give between 5 and 10 milion dollars to. If you know anybody like that, let me know and I'll pass it along.

The search is underway as I write this.

He will be subjected to intense scrutiny, so don't suggest your uncle Harry in Hoboken...unless he really is a budding Liberty Community Organizing star; a serious, committed, effective activist for freedom, who just needs a little CASH to make it happen.

When's the last time you participated in a search for someone to give $10 million to?

It's a first for me.

The Gunslinger


  1. You could buy alot of beans and bullets with that kinda cash!

  2. Gunslinger,
    An organization which I am sure could use this gentleman's bequest can be found at The initials stand for Get Out Of Our House, and this is a non-partisan group that is growing by leaps and bounds as they strive to replace every one of the scoundrels in D.C. One of the main tenets of this group is that career politicians are working to destroy our liberties, and we must work to keep them. Please pass this along to your attorney friend. Can an attorney be a friend?

    Regarding the idiot on the California NRA council, this attitude is the very reason we are losing so much ground in The People's Republic of Kalifornia. As a Life member of NRA I can guarantee that the NRA is about more than just "the Guns". While defense of the second amendment is one of the primary pursuits of NRA, we also stand for hunting, property owners rights, free speech, etc. We value the guns not just as a means of defense, but also as art and part of our culture. Perhaps the wealthy gentleman could be persuaded to make an endowment to the National Firearms Museum. I would welcome the opportunity to speak to your attorney friend to make these and other suggestions.

    Semper Fi,

  3. Both of these are really good ideas. I'll pass them along, thank you!

  4. Gunslinger, here's a couple of guys on YouTube trying to spread freedom through comedic parody short videos. Their latest video is leading in Glenn Beck's national video contest. It's some of the funniest conservative stuff out there. I imagine they could do a lot with some funding: