Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Random Thought

If using electricity is as evil as the EnviroStasi insist, why are they pushing electric cars?

The Gunslinger
Para Bellum


  1. For the same reason some of the more extreme "Grazers" are now blaming meat-eating (and subsequent support-systems thereof) for...well,blah blah blah...therefore "stop raising beef"..."Let's kill ALL the animals!" is the insane conclusion. These people NEVER think past the first "I'M morally superior"/self-righteous statement. Too immature to think about ramifications of their dis-honest,so-called "stances"...PLUS, what do you do with the dead batteries?

  2. Or... why are they on the net? Do they think server farms that host their sites run on solar power cells?

    Or... what seems more likely, that they could just be disingenuous scumbags using any excuse available to strike out against capitalism?

    I think H.L. Mencken's line about Puritanism applies even more to the greenie meanies, "The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy".

  3. Tis the same ol' hyprocrisy...Can't recall the character or book,but Charles Dickens had a fictional character who gave her money to feed the Oversea's starving while her own kids starved.Excellent Mencken Puritan-quote,"Van", very apt...Recently read Civil War book, "State of Jones" (rebellious southerners against the Confederacy and their anti-freedom ways,especially with the so-called "Home Guard" confiscations.Ex-Confederate-turned-saboteur Newton Knight called them "minders of other people's business". BTW,"You're SO Pelosi..." should be an epithet...make it a verb...