Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gummint and Bridges

From the AP
"The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has been closed indefinitely after a rod installed during last month's emergency repairs snapped, causing a traffic nightmare for the 26,000 motorists who cross the landmark span every day."
I only bring this up because it's a big deal where I live.  (And after all, this IS all about ME!)

Commuters who regularly cross that bridge in the 100's of thousands, and scrambling for other routes, further clogging the roads for all the people that don't use the bridge.

I can testify. I drive southward and inland from very near the San Francisco border on the coast, to the central peninsula. People from my area who need to get across the bay, typically go north to the Bay Bridge...but now are using my route in order to get to the next bridge south.

Not fun. Seriously.
The bridge was closed last month over the holiday weekend while long-planned earthquake safety upgrades were being made to the bridge. When the crack was discovered, state transportation officials initially feared it would prevent them from reopening the span in time for the start of the work week.

But the unexpected work only ended up taking a few extra hours.
Caltrans, a California State government entity, was responsible for the original repair. I guess it took only a "few extra hours" because they used duct tape and chewing gum.

More evidence of the gummint at work.

And I can't help wonder if their "structural engineers and inspectors" (see below) are the same ones that certified the original work acceptable.

Now we can't trust the bridges. The State is so busy making sure we are legally required to hire and admire transgender people, teach our kindergarteners about gay sex, voting to create a Harvey Milk day, stealing water from the valley, tracking ammo sales....they don't have the time to make sure the bridges remain standing.
California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans, officials had nothing to say Tuesday about what might have caused the repair job to fail. The department issued a brief statement saying only that "structural engineers and inspectors are onsite to assess the damage and will make a determination as to how long repairs will take.
America, take a look...this Marxist train is coming straight at you unless you wake up and derail it.

The Gunslinger, E.O.T.I.S.
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  1. When I first heard about this,I remembered the old axiom "As California goes,so goes the Nation" (I find an odd fascination with the tv show "Two and 1/2 Men" as a cultural barometer/socio-barometer...).And wondered what you'd comment re:bridge-thang,being in your neighborhood. Can't help but do a joke....Is that "Caltrans" or "Cal-trance"?...yeah,groan...