Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To Win Any Argument

1) When you keep prices artificially low, you get shortages.

2) When you keep wages artificially high, you get unemployment.

3) When you subsidize something, you get more of it.

4) When you tax or regulate something, you get less of it

These are laws of nature. Human nature. They are unbreakable. They are universal. And they are why Leftist policies always fail. Yet, every Leftist continues to believe that he can somehow invalidate these laws. No matter how many times these laws have proved inviolable, the Leftists continue to batter their tattered and broken philosophy against them.

For us, these four laws are gifts. Gifts to use against the often vague and generalized arguments Leftists employ to support their doomed programs. All we have to do is boil down every proposal to its fundamental effects. Some examples:

Rule #1 tells us that "Controlled Cost Medicine" will result in rationed care.

Rule #2 tells us that a high "Minimum Wage" results in fewer unskilled workers hired.

Rule #3 tells us that legal abortion encourages irresponsible sexual activity - no consequences!

Rule #3 also tells us that taxpayer funded abortion encourages choosing abortion as opposed to adoption—it's free!

Rule #4 tells us that "windfall" taxes on oil companies will result in gas shortages.

I'm thinking most leftist policies can be successfully disputed using these four rules. Am I missing anything?

The Gunslinger


  1. "Missing anything"? Not a thing,Gunny. Succinct.

  2. You missed the part where you explained how a progressive can be made to accept reality. You'd have more luck reasoning with a love-struck 14 year old girl, or a 6 year old in a toy store.

    Besides, what you're saying is mean and hurtfull and I won't listen.

  3. Thanks TJ.

    Anon...you're right. Logical arguments require logical minds. What was I thinking?

    This was more an exercise in clarifying my own thinking.

    Having a handle on fundamentals arms me against Liberals arguments— without having to be a policy wonk.

  4. Addendum to #3... subsidizing something also drives up the price that non-subsidized consumers must spend for it. Cf. higher education and health care.

  5. Roland....exactly. There are lot's of addenda....for sure.

    This is an exercise in "keeping it simple".

    So I can remember it. hehe

  6. Are there any tips on how to win an argument with a woman?